«Symphonic Science Fiction Soundstream»

Marco von Orelli trumpet, slide trumpet  Luis Lopes electric guitar & objects
Travassos electronics  Sheldon Suter prepared drums


Big Bold Back Bone is a fruitful project of the swiss musicians Marco von Orelli & Sheldon Suter
and by their portuguese partners Luis Lopes & Travassos.

Improvisation is the basis of their music. The electro-acoustic instrumentation suggests a supposed direction and yet this orchestra surprises with richness in the sound production. The musicians understand their instruments as tools to create a unique sound world. The mastery of the instruments, beyond the traditional playing techniques, gives the band a lot of leeway. Their music regularly uses the factor of time and the associated, slow musical developments. The improvised forms over a period of up to 45 minutes reveal the symphonic characteristics of contemporary electronic music in terms of length, form and dramaturgy. In the shorter pieces of Big Bold Back Bone, reference points from Miles Davis of the 70s to prime time from Ornette Colemans to John Zorn. The music of BBBB, however, plays quite relaxed in the now.


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