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7. July 2021

new releases are coming soon!

I am happy to announce three new recordings, you can be curious! Duo with François Houle Inspired by the great tandems in the history of creative music, such as Carter and Bradford… Soon on Hat Hut Records (ezz-thetics). Duo with Sheldon Suter There is a not well known tradition of duo playing of trumpet and…

11. December 2018

Unorthodox Jukebox Large Ensemble

Unorthodox Jukebox Large Ensemble (CH) Real Time Improvised Symphonic Music Kame – m-d trumpet Marco von Orelli – trumpet Marina Tantanozi – flute Remo Schnyder – saxophone Jaronas Scheurer – saxophone Giancarlo Nicolai – laudes Giovanni Vicari – guitar Antonia Ravens – harp Anna-Kaisa Meklin – viola da gamba Christoph Schiller – spinet Kaspar von…