«Creative Jazz»

Marco von Orelli trumpet  Tommy Meier tenor sax & bassclarinet  Luca Sisera bass  Sheldon Suter drums


LOTUS CRASH brings together four outstanding improvisers; their musical biographies are very different; all of them have already individually distinguished themselves with strong, artistically independent projects and they have been working together for quite a long time in a variety of different constellations. What unites them is their idea of sound and aesthetics.

This quartet sounds raw and primal; it has an astonishingly warm and expressive sound. The repertoire includes their own highly original themes as well as selected pieces of their favourite musicians, the likes of Andrew Cyrille or Roscoe Mitchell. The line up with two wind instruments plus rhythm section, no harmony instrument, has a long tradition.

LOTUS CRASH develops this tradition further through the use of contemporary instrumental techniques, open forms and ‚hidden composition‘. The band’s sophisticated improvisations are off the beaten track; this is creative Jazz at its best.


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