Lotus Crash – Lotus Crash

Marco von Orelli trumpet
Tommy Meier tenorsaxophon, bassclarinet
Luca Sisera bass
Sheldon Suter drums

Compositions by Marco von Orelli, Tommy Meier, Adam Lane & Co Streiff
Recorded live July13th 2018 at “Theater am Gleis”, Winterthur – Switzerland by Florian Wetter
except Wittgenstein February 23th 2018 live at “Boudoir au Revoir” Basel – Switzerland by Hannes Kumke
Editing & Mix by Hannes Kumke, Marco von Orelli & Tommy Meier CD
Master by Peter Pfister |
Liner Notes by Brian Morton | Cover photo by Christian C. Meyer




Jazz Podium, 12-19/1-20 by Levi Sorglos
Percorsi Musicali di Ettore Garzia, 25. November 2019
Jazz’n’More Nov./Dez – Nr. 6/2019 by Christof Thurnherr
by DOWNTOWN Music Gallery

MARCO VON ORELLI With TOMMY MEIER / LUCA SISARE / SHELDON SUTER – Lotus Crash (Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics 102; Switzerland) Featuring Marco von Orelli on trumpet, Tommy Meier on tenor sax & bass clarinet, Luca Sisera on double bass and Sheldon Suter on drums. Most of the compositions here written by Mr. Von Orelli or Mr. Meier, aside from one by NY bassist Adam Lane and Swiss saxist Co Streiff. This is Mr. Von Orelli’s third disc for the Hat (Ezzthetics) label, after quintet and sextet CD’s from around 2015, a duo disc with Udo Schindler and a group known as Big Bold Black Bone (along with the drummer here). Swiss reeds player, Tommy Meier, has a band with Irene Schweizer called Root Down as well as being a member of another Swiss sextet led by Co Streiff. Bassist Luca Sisera in on a half dozen releases on the Intakt and Leo labels, as well as a CD as a leader called, ‘Prospect’.
Right from the opening song “Lotus”, the quartet sounds like they are playing one of those South African/spiritual jazz grooves. Mr. Meier’s tenor sax has that wonderful, dark, probing Trane-like tone which will make you feel better instantly. He takes a short introductory solo before Mr. Von Orelli takes over on trumpet, slowly, assuredly floating on top like a butterfly with the blues. The rhythm team has that swell William Parker/Hamid Drake-like sound, hypnotic and most stirring. Mr. Von Orelli writes strong, memorable melodies which feel like some sort of spiritual medicine. One of Downtown’s best bassists is Adam Lane, who is also a multi-bandleader and impressive composer. Mr. Lane’s “Spin with the EARth” is a great choice and fits perfectly with this quartet’s repertoire. It is a sort of Mingus or Mario Pavone—like bass-led piece with a few unaccompanied solo sections. Bassist Luca Sisera is featured throughout this piece and is in strong, spirited and inventive form, holding the piece together. While he solos, the horns sail in to play some haunting harmonies with him and the drummer. I must admit that I am a sucker for one of those cerebral, repeating, ritualistic, trance-like lines, which hold on and don’t let go. “Maiduguri” has one of those slow, sly, throbbing grooves which reminds me of a Native American chant. It sounds somehow simple but it pulls you right in and won’t let go. “Wittgenstein” has one of those great Blue Note like themes except that there is no piano, just tenor sax & trumpet up front. Yoou will be humming along immediately and smiling as well. This entire disc makes me smile, like sort of salve meant to wash away our blues. If you are tired of all of the bad news going round’, then you best grab this disc and play it with your loved ones. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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